Red Bluff Race #12  02/14/09     By: Joe Burrage
Valentines day, Red Bluff and Racing, what more can you want? For Yannazzo/Cziska Motorsport's it's just another at the track. Greg and his wife Tina, along with daughters Stephanie, and Shannon wouldn't have it any other way. It's another Saturday filled with raw emotions of wanting to win, and wanting to break down the wall that has kept this team from winning all season. Jimmy Patterson and his Tony have the karts dialed in for the high banks at Red Bluff.
 Open Class
After almost completing the unthinkable last weekend in running the alphabet soup Stephanie was confident in her h20 kart this weekend. She came out and timed in 33rd quick at 8.824. Her sister Shannon came out and timed in a tad bit faster at 8.665 which was good enough for 29th fast for the night. With the qualifications complete the racing action was set to begin with the heat races. Stephanie would participate in Heat #3, when the green fell, the kart did not want to cooperate with Stephanie, the kart was very loose and she fought it the entire heat race bringing home the h20 kart in 7th position. Shannon's racing festivities would start with Heat race #4, she was not happy with last weeks performance and desperately wanted to get her night off on the right track. She started in the 8th position and would pass a couple of karts early in the race and hold her line for the entire heat race and was credited with 6th place in her heat. With the heat races completed this would set up the C-Main where both Stephanie and Shannon would be forced to start in the back and make their way forward in order to transfer to the B-Main. Jimmy Patterson and Tony made some quick adjustments to both karts before the start of the C-Main hoping the h20 & 11s karts could put on a show and they did more than that!! Shannon immediately took off from the start, moving all over the Red Bluff high banks high and low advancing quickly through field, and at the same time behind Shannon, Stephanie was making her presence felt as well. It didn't take long for Stephanie to catch Shannon and when she did it was the race of the night! The sisters would engage in a 3 car dog fight that will be remembered for a very long time. They traded slide job after slide job! Only one of them could advance to the B-Main! And when the dust settled it was Shannon that held on for the final transfer spot to the B-Main. Shannon was extremely happy with the way her kart was in the C-Main, Jimmy and Tony made no changes and off she went for the B-Main. She tagged the back of the B-Main and was starting to move forward and at the halfway point mechanical issues would end Shannon's night.
This is day where Greg has to get some love from the racing Gods. Jimmy Patterson and Tony have given Greg an outstanding kart all season long and he wants' to pay his crew and Cziska family racing off with a win! The night was off to a great start! Greg would come out in qualifying and put in a solid lap of 8.832 seconds for 3rd quick of the night setting him up instantly for the Dash later in the program! Greg would line up 6th in Heat #3, and the h20 kart would not disappoint! Right after the green flag came out Greg went straight for the cushion and passed 2 carts on the first lap putting him in the fourth position which did not last long, 1 lap later Greg had caught the leaders and wasted no time in taking the lead! He would hold on for the win! "The kart was hooked up, Jimmy and Tony had her dialed in perfect for the heat race" Greg said after the win. Trophy Dash action would be next on tap for Greg, Jimmy and Tony did not make any changes to the kart. Greg would come out and finish 3rd in the Dash setting him up for a excellent starting position in the A-Main! The night was looking good everything was set, it was time to take care of business, and Greg wasted no time in the A-Main getting started, the kart was a little tight for the first part of the race, but the track starting to come to Greg, he slowly started to stalk the top five and made his move with five laps to go, taking over the 3rd position and getting ready to battle the 1st & 2nd place karts, there was a problem and a big one, a hole in the header.... would force Greg and the h20 kart pit side with 2 laps to go while running in the 3rd position! The officials scored Greg finishing in the 12th position.



The insider 2-12-09 It has been sometime since we have updated this site so a quick recap of the racing since we last posted updates. 

First off I would like add we have the addition of a writer that has written spots for Flat Out Magazine, Joe Berrage.  Joe will continue to put down the results for the Yannazzo Motorsports Team. 

To recap real fast it this has been a real up and down season for the team.  Stephani however has seen so much improvement to her racing I would consider her a pro now.  Stephani shows how strong she really is by running with the best drivers in this sport.  Steph consistently does not give an inch yet she is real easy on her equipment while going forward.  Shannon had the opportunity this year to go to the Inauguration in DC and missed about a month of racing. Shannon for only racing these beasts is showing much improvement, even if she doesn’t agree!  For Greg it has been tough, working hard to chase the points this year mechanical woes have kept this veteran racer from achieving that goal.  Proving he has the drive by winning so far to date a whopping 4 trophy dashes giving up 2 as well to mechanical problems, one just last weekend when the motor let go.  “You never want to let opportunity get away, you never get those back making it tough to win a championship”.  “We are going to try again next year for sure!” The team leader said when asked recently.  The economy will keep us from running much this summer so we might as well go for it again.  Below my good buddy Joe Berrage from Minnesota has provided our update.  We will continue to update as we can.  There will also be some on board video stuff coming soon!


Red Bluff Race #11  2/07/09  By, Joe Burrage of Flat Out Magazine.     
After a short break in the racing season it was time to get back to business at hand for Team Swimming Pool Perfections, the day had already got off to a great start with the announcement of Cziska Family Racing rejoining the team for the next two races. With the added help from Cziska, Greg, Stephanie, Shannon and the crew of Jimmy Patterson and son Tony Patterson were ready for war on Saturday night.
Open Class 
Stephanie was very anxious to get the racing festivities underway and she came out and qualified in the 31st position with a time of 8.776. Her sister Shannon would also come out and time in at 8.995 putting her 39th on the grid. With the qualifying out of the way the Heat Races were next in line. Stephanie would draw the toughest heat race of the night starting in the back of Heat 1. From there she would try to make her way forward but ran out of time finishing in the 7th position.
The third team car of Swimming Pool Perfection driven by Shannon Yannazzo would come out in Heat Race #4. From the drop of the green flag things were running nice and smooth for Shannon until the last lap of race were she was ran over by another driver sustaining major damage to the 11s kart forcing her to scratch for the remainder of the heat race. After the heat races concluded it was time for the feature racing to begin.
With the tough heat race behind her Stephanie knew it was time to win it or wear it. Jimmy and Tony set the car up and it was ready for D Main action where she hit her marks and bring home the h20 kart in 2nd place and a transfer to the C Main. Shannon was also in the D Main as well, she started in the back of the field and raced her way forward with a 9th place finish. Again Jimmy and Tony made some quick adjustments to the kart and Stephanie was back on the track for the C Main. The kart was fast, she used all the racing groves on the very tight bullring during the C Main and would come home in the 5th position, good enough for a transfer to the B Main. Stephanie and the h20 kart would tag the back of the B Main and would make a serious charge to the front, having what would have been an extraordinary accomplishment of conquering the alphabet soup, another driver made an inexcusable error and taking Stephanie and the h20 kart out on the last lap! She was awarded the 12th position in the B Main. 
Sportsman Class
After the brief break from racing Greg and the crew were ready to for an all out assault at Red Bluff! Jimmy and Tony had the kart all ready to go for the intense night racing. It would start off on a good note. Greg shot around the high banks in 8.893 seconds in qualifying, good enough for 6th quick and a spot in the dash later in the night. Heat race action would be a lot tougher, "the kart was hooked up from the middle of the track to the top", until a late yellow flag came out and on the restart, track officials said Greg jumped the start and that would nullify his 4th place effort, therefore he was credited with a 5th place, putting him in the B Main. Greg kept an eye on the track the entire night and would come out in the B Main and dominate from start to finish. After the B Main was complete the team noticed that the fuel cap was problem there, they replaced it made a few minor adjustments and the Dash was on! Greg wasted no time passing karts and by lap 3 he had caught the leader and was just getting ready to make the move for the lead and the motor let go. Greg and the team scratched for the remainder of the night.
Team Swimming Pool Perfections would like to sincerely thank Cziska Family Racing for jumping on board for the next couple of races. Next up on the schedule is Points race #13 on March 7, 2009