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Updated on:
Jan. 29, 2013

In racing there are many people who help out racers and I am no different.  Here is a list of who helps out the Yannazzo family team.


  1. Tina Yannazzo- My wife and companion without her I donít go racing she has been the family supporter for 26 years and continues to love the sport of racing.

  2. Jimmy Patterson- Crew Chief- Jimmy has been a longtime friend and has been the only reason I continue to drive a car myself

  3. Tony Patterson- Crew- Tony is the son of Jimmy and has been a big help to me keeping me ready to go while watching the girls races.

  4. Tom Gemo who helps out at home so I can make it to the race track.

Sponsors- A sponsor doesnít necessarily mean they give money but the following people help in one way or the other.  These people mean a lot to our team to allow us to be able to race so far away from home.

  1. Swimming Pool Perfections- The main sponsor of the team.  There are many people in this organization that knowingly contribute through hard work that allow our family to go weekly and race.

  2. QRC  -The factory for all things Outlaw Go Kart racing.  The entire staff at one time or another has helped us out to keep us going or for all that matters keep us part of the racing family

  3. Grandpa George Motors- George has built the engines from day one and will continue to provide the reliable power this team needs to be successful.

  4. Locked N Loaded Graphics- Pete Johnston has done the entire graphic for the 08 season and the cars all look great. 

  5. Yak Graphics- has in past taken care of all of our logo needs and remains one of our businesses we can count on.

  6. Summit Auto Body in San Carlos Ca has been painting the bodies for the past few years.

  7. Cziska Family Racing- Fred and Terry Cziska are a good friend of ours and has supported the family racing efforts over the years.

Friends of the team

  1. Al Weiss- A long time friend of the family and moral support for me.  Al is why we got into this division of racing and where we will stay.

  2. Tim Kaeding- TK is always there for advice and support mostly for my kids who he loves like they are his family.

  3. Rawhide- Mike Gain is the name but Rawhide if youíre his friend helps fab items I have no time for.  Mike is known to the kids as their uncle.

  4. Jason (Lumpy) Zazada- Lumpy runs the 4th car for Yannazzo Motorsports and represents well.  Lumpy is a good dad and bring his aspiring future driving son Alex along to every race. 

~ Latest News ~


Here's a look at Greg's 2013 Kart

Yannazzo Motorsprort announces it 2013 plans. 

After two years of points racing (2010, 2011) 2012 was a very reduced racing year due to the economy.  With Stephani and Shannon working and going to school it has opened the door for Greg to concentrate on one car, something he has not been able to do since starting in this form of racing. 

Yannazzo Motorsports will continue to have a two Kart team with one of the karts dedicated to either Stephani or Shannon when they have the time to step back in.  We are presently building a new kart with a very special new bullet.  This year 2013 will not be a points year but a fun year racing as much as we can from start to finish. 

My wife Tina will provide me much of moral support as well as Jimmy Patterson will return to turn the wrenches.  Jimmy is doing the commute each weekend to assist with projects on our list of things to do.  So make sure you check us out this season at the Cycleland Speedway in Chico California on Hwy 99 just south of town. 

The racing doesnít get any better and you never know what racing stars might show up since this is where the racing stars seem to start their careers these days!





Watch Greg's video below




Photo courtesy of GraphXDesigns



Check out this link to see some video clips of our sport.  http://www.youtube.com/user/carlwilsonproduction#play/all/uploads-all/0/KZdCq0ngBgE   

Thank You
Yannazzo Motorsports wants to thank the following people for their hard work and dedication to our team that allows us to race during the weekends.  Cziska Family Racing, Jimmy and Tony Patterson, Pete Johnstone at Locked & Loaded Graphics for giving us the best looking karts out, not to mention for winning us the best looking kart in the Sportsman Division.  We thank you so very much for being part of this team and family.








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